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The Vers.3 Vox CC-Holder...

Available knivesPosted by VOX Tue, November 01, 2011 22:49:49

Handmade in 0.060"(1.5mm) thick Titanium, blasted, anodized and tumbled... These can be ordered at vox@voxknives.com for 180$ shipped regular air.

CC-holder side will hold 5-8 creditcards depending of type. The cash-clip side can be used for moneyclip or as a pocketclip to avoid the holder to drop into the bottom of your pocket when on the go!!

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Thick bladed VoxNecker in Damasteel...

Available knivesPosted by VOX Fri, September 02, 2011 11:32:52

1/4" thick Stainless Damasteel Powder Damascus in the twist pattern. Dobbel black canvas Micarta scales over a center of black/yellow G10. Titanium pin and tubes holds everything in place on this nice and lightweight little edc knife that will work great in the woods as well as in the urban enviroment.. This is an "one-of" and it comes with a nice fold over kydex sheath.

SOLD! (+25%VAT if your in the EU) vox@voxknives.com

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One-of VoxPersian for sale...

Available knivesPosted by VOX Sat, July 23, 2011 13:19:24

Hi guys,

This is one I just had to do. Nice, 4mm stock, RWL34 stainless powdersteel blade, narrow tang fitted in a handle of semitransludent G11/G10. Titanium pins and tubes...

Price:SOLD!! (+25%VAT -IF your in the EU) SOLD!!

Jesper vox@voxknives.com

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VoxJaeger SOLD....!

Available knivesPosted by VOX Mon, November 01, 2010 14:15:52

I have one of these left. They were made as a set of two and are marked as that.

The are narrow tang knives with G10 handle, titanium pins and tube, 5mm thick RWL34 powdersteel blade, blasted finish and Kydexsheath.

Good size knife, with hollow grind, for camping or hunting.

Blade: 10.5cm OAL:22.5cm

SOLD, thank you!

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VoxRhino´s for sale....SOLD!

Available knivesPosted by VOX Wed, June 30, 2010 12:58:41

This is the first versions in Damascus (Devin Thomas SS) and I really like how they turned out. The stock on the Rhino is 4mm so its a light cutter.

These are hollow grinded and had my ''special'' Canvas Micarta for slabs. Thick red spacers in vulcanfiber and titanium pins and tube.

One in Black Canvas and one in Natural Brown Canvas....


Black Rhino is SOLD!! Thank you!

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DAVE has it....

Available knivesPosted by VOX Thu, June 25, 2009 09:06:40

Dave Stark of www.steeladdictionknives.com just recieved a couple of my knives.

Chek out this blue MTT with ingraved Bomb-logo on the blue G10 slab....;

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Bladeshow leftovers...

Available knivesPosted by VOX Thu, June 04, 2009 19:50:31

Here´s the knives that didn´t find a new home at the Bladeshow in Atlanta;

If your interested in any of these feel free to mail me for more info. at; vox@voxknives.com

VoxBishop in hollow v-grind with OD G11 scales, titanium pins and tubes... Kydex sheath with teklok.

SOLD, thank you :)

Blue, Pink and Green VoxUrbles... These have chiselgrinded blade and are in thin stock. G10 scales with thick fiber liners, titanium pins and tubes. Kydex sheath with teklok.

BLUE GONE!! Thank you.

PINK GONE!! Thank you.

OD GONE!!, Thank you.

One-of VoxPersian integral fighter in damasteel. This baby is made from a single custom pice of stainless powder Damasteel. Comes with a leather sheath.


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One-Of Persian Fighter...

Available knivesPosted by VOX Thu, September 11, 2008 23:02:43

This is a Persian design I just had to do. The RWL34 blade is hollowgrinded and the scales are grey/black G10. The thick titanium tube is 16mm in diameter and has a 2mm thick wall.. Comes with a VERY nice kydex sheath.Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog Image


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