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The VoxBB is coming...

Latest news from Vox KnivesPosted by VOX Thu, June 21, 2012 09:19:00

Here it is, the second VoxFolder. This time I went for a slipjoint design... Funny thing is that I actually thought it would be much easier than doing a framelock...well, it´s NOT! These little things will kick you butt in soo many ways!

The design is the VoxBB. BB stands for Bumble Bee since it has that Bumble Bee look when it is closed (clip is the wing..) These are stout little folders in CPM154, titanium with integrated bolsters and slabs in titanium, bronce, sterling silver or G10... Blade is about 2.5" wich makes this knife legal in any country in the world!!

Next batch of these will be done for the NYCKS (New York show) in Nov. I do NOT take orders for folders and only a total of about 20 will be made of these, then it is on to the next project!! :)

Had 5 of these at the Bladeshow in Atlanta and they sold in less than an hour!

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Posted by Fillippo Thu, June 21, 2012 16:28:18

Nooooooooooo in November I must go to Stuttgart to discuss the 2013's annual plan so I cannot came to NY but ............... I want (or need??) to have one of these beauties and if you don't take order ..................... smiley smiley smiley please please consider also your european fans!!